Development Phases

To increase the value of Mojave Seafood to investors, we will be developing the business in 4 phases. This gets us to positive cashflow quickly as we focus on tackling business risks before we tackle technology risks.

Four Phases:

  • Phase 1. Build and operate a 2 acre pilot facility
  • Phase 2. Accelerated growth
  • Phase 3. Implement Energy Management and Sustainability goals.
  • Phase 4. Develop and train an AI-based Aquaculture Management System

The four phases align with the three major components of a managed aquatic microbiome.

Phase 1 & 2 focus is on the cultivation of the Premium Shrimp

Phase 3 adds in Energy Management and Sustainability Goals.

Phase 4 uses AI to predictively manage the Aquatic Microbes.

Phase 2

Accelerated Growth

Prove the business model, establish sales channels, develop brand, and achieve operational excellence.

Phase 3

Energy Management & Sustainability Goals
Build solar arrays. Develop and build heat management systems. Develop AI and systems around predictive heat management.

Phase 4

Develop and Train an AI-based Aquaculture Management System

Aquatic microbes can contribute a lot to aquaculture. The are useful nutrient management, converting toxic ammonia into protein rich feed. More importantly, microbes are primary producer of many essential vitamins and nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin anti-oxidant.

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