Aqua-µ Technology Suite

Aquatic Microbiome management technology suite for the production of premium seafood. The technology suite is in various TRLs. We have grown Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) to market size and are now raising funds to build a 2 acre pilot facility in the Mojave Desert, near Lancaster, CA to serve both SoCal and the Bay areas. Some of our energy innovations and the AI development are still in concept stages.

Mojave Seafood plans to grow in four phases:

  • Phase 1. Build and operate a 2 acre pilot facility
  • Phase 2. Accelerated growth
  • Phase 3. Implement Energy Management and Sustainability goals.
  • Phase 4. Develop and train an AI-based Aquaculture Management System

These phases align with the technology innovations and development needed to become a global leader in the management of an Aquatic Microbiome. The phased development approach lets us get to positive cashflow quickly and minimizes the technology development risks.

Our Aqua-µ Technology Suite is an innovative, interactive group of technologies that are used to manage the aquatic microbiome where we grow our shrimp. An aquatic microbiome is the set of environmental factors, aquatic microbes, our cultivated shrimp, and the way they all interact with each other.

The group of technologies relate to:

  • Shrimp Growth Rate (Phase 1 & 2)
  • Energy Management & Efficiency Technologies (Phase 3)
  • Water quality and management (Phase 3)
  • Increasing Sustainability (Phase 3)
  • Super-Premium Shrimp Health and Nutrition (Phase 4)
  • AI-Based Aquaculture Management Systems (Phase 4)

Why aquaculture in the desert? Our innovative Aqua-µ technology suite works best in the desert and has very low environmental impact there.

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