AI Development

We are developing an AI-based Aquaculture Management System.

Our journey into Aquaculture, Aquatic Microbiomes, and AI development began in 2013. At that time, we were working on ways to improve the generation of renewable energy from agricultural and purpose grown biomass. Our technology development started with managing agricultural microbiomes as a sustainable way to improve crop yields and biomass production. We quickly ran into the same issues that plagued the best researchers, agricultural fields are very noisy.

At the same time, we were also looking into ways to improve the economics of a biomass facility by utilizing the waste heat. We found that aquaculture is a great practice. Great market, great economics, and lots of new and young technologies to discover and improve upon. If done right, aquaculture is very sustainable and produces top quality seafood that is very healthy.

We also realized that indoor aquaculture lets us control many of the environmental variables. So that instead of lots of noise that we were seeing from agricultural fields, we are getting strong signals where we could keep the noise consistent and low.

Our Aqua-μ Technology Suite optimizes aquatic microbiomes and it is an great biological process for developing an AI. Further, the AI can optimize the microbiome and aquaculture management system better than humans or automated systems, meaning our future AI-based Aquaculture Management System will be able to significantly increase profitability.

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NearIR channel of a corn field picture taken at about 400m altitude and the resulting water/nitrogen stress vegetative index created using proprietary algorithms we developed in 2015 in SPSS and ArcGIS.  The stress map had a good correlation to harvest yield at a low precision.   This skill set should help us with the development of aquatic microbiomes algorithms and rudimentary development of the AI.