Mojave Seafood Inc.

Follow us as we build something amazing.

We are a start-up growing seafood in the Mojave Desert that will serve SoCal and the Bay Area.

Our proprietary Aqua-µ Technology Suite is a group of technologies that lets us grow premium shrimp in a sustainable way.

Phased Development

Mojave Seafood Inc plans to grow in 4 phases. This will let us get to positive cashflow quickly. It also prioritizes solving and optimizing business and operational issues first. Once the business is established and on a solid growth trajectory, we will then further invest in and develop the Aqua-µ Technology Suite.

Aqua-µ Technology Suite.

Our Aqua-µ Technology Suite is an innovative, interactive group of technologies that are used to manage the aquatic microbiome where we grow our shrimp. An aquatic microbiome is the set of environmental factors, aquatic microbes, our cultivated shrimp, and the way they all interact with each other.

The group of technologies relate to:

  • Shrimp Growth Rate
  • Shrimp Health and Nutrition
  • Aquatic Microbiome Management & AI based Aquaculture Management Systems
  • Energy Management & Efficiency Technologies
  • Water quality and management
  • Energy, water, and shrimp feed sustainability

Why aquaculture in the desert? Our innovative Aqua-µ technology suite works best in the desert and has very low environmental impact there.

We are also in the early stages of developing an AI-based Aquaculture Management System.

The Aqua-µ Technology Suite produces premium shrimp and seafood by optimizing the aquatic microbiome. This is done by managing and interactions between the aquatic microbes, the environment, and the shrimp.